Improving Software Engineer Discussions on Taro

Improving Software Engineer Discussions on Taro

Taro is dedicated to helping software engineers achieve career success. Everyday, Taro members engage in healthy, positive discussion with other members at top companies.

Today, we launched two new features on Taro to increase community engagement: 1. true identity answers and 2. public profiles.

True Identity Answers

You can now add a tagline to show next to your name.

True identity answers show the user's name and tagline when they respond to a question on the Q&A platform. We were only showing true identities for users who were classified as "creator" users before. For our premium users, we were displaying a pseudonymous title for the premium user, which was comprised from the user's company level and company name.

Now, we have expanded the functionality to show the true identity for premium users, too.


  • All questions will continue to be created using the author's pseudonymous identity (company level and company name) or as an anonymous Taro member (if the anonymous checkbox is selected).
  • All answers by the question author will also use their pseudonymous identity or anonymous identity.
  • All previous answers using a pseudonymous identity will remain pseudonymous. True identity won't be applied retroactively.

Our goal with true identity answers is give credit to our users who graciously volunteer their time to contribute to the community by answering questions.

Public Profiles

Take a look at Alex's Taro profile

We have also launched public profiles for all Taro members.

A user's public profile shows a list of the user's answers and a summary of the user's info, including:

  1. Current level
  2. Current company
  3. LinkedIn profile
  4. Number of answers
  5. Number of likes

Many Taro Premium users have been asking for this feature for a long time. You can now access a user's public profile by clicking on their name from any of their answers on a question page.

You can easily view a user's valuable content on one page now. Previously, there was no way to access all of a user's answers.

Let us know if you any feedback about true identities and public profiles in our Taro Premium Slack community.

-- Charlie