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Become a Git Master (Cohort-Based Course)

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Become a Git Master (Cohort-Based Course) event
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Too many developers stay on the happy path when it comes to version control, sticking to the same 4-5 commands that they use ad nauseam. Time to change that -- let's master Git and improve common dev workflows. This course will deepen your understanding of Git, allowing you to become your team's version control expert.

This course costs $550 and includes a year of Taro Premium for ongoing learning + collaboration. (Existing Taro Premium members will see a discounted price.)

If you fall into any of the following categories, this course is for you:

  • You're an engineer with aspirations of becoming a manager one day.
  • You're an aspiring engineer looking to understand professional workflows.
  • You're a manager or team lead who wants to understand the history and contributions within a code repository.

About Brian

Brian is a veteran engineer with 20+ years of experience as a developer, architect, and admin. He previously published one of the top Git courses on Udemy. Brian is a published author and has been chosen as a Microsoft Learning Expert. He frequently leads workshops and speaks at conferences to help developers grow their skills. Brian lives in Iowa and also enjoys singing + songwriting.

More about Brian:

This course is intended to have value for much longer than the 2 weeks of live sessions. Each student will receive a complementary Taro Premium membership ($400 value) to expand your network and stay connected to course members.

Course Content

This course consists of 6 hours of live classes, sessions from 6:00pm - 7:30pm PT on the following days: January 16, January 18, January 23, and January 25. You'll receive calendar invites after enrolling.

Session 1: GITting Started With GIT

In order to ensure you are set up for success, this first session will review some of the basic fundamentals of GIT. Even though these are fundamentals, if you are used to working with tools like GitKraken, GitHub desktop, SourceTree, or other GIT desktop programs, you may have never had to use any of these commands in the past. We will work through a number of activities to ensure the fundamentals of GIT are mastered. This first session will include:

  • Getting your machine set up
    • GIT BASH
    • setting GIT credentials
    • Visual Studio Code (VSCode)
  • Basic CLI commands
    • init, add, commit, log, status, reset (soft/mixed)
  • Leverage GIT ignore files to keep files from being tracked
  • Understanding GIT Decentralized Repositories
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized
  • Working Directory/Staging/Committing
  • Pushing/Pulling Changes
  • What is a remote tracking branch?
  • Working with Remote Repositories (GitHub): fetch, clone, pull, push, merge

Takeaway: Ability to lead your team through working with GIT in most day-to-day workflow scenarios.

Session 2: Branching and Merging

Working with a team requires creating workflows that will ensure you and your team can work simultaneously on the same codebase without losing work or having to worry about coordinating efforts on specific sections of code. In this session, you'll learn to:

  • Create local and remote branches
  • Work with pull-requests
  • Add settings for default diff and merge tools (VSCode)
  • Resolve merge conflicts
  • Introduction to GIT Workflows: GIT Flow, Trunk-based development
  • Squashing
  • Rebasing
  • Force Push (with lease)

Any developer should be able to work well with a team and at the end of this session you will be confident in your ability to work with your team.

Takeaway: Ability to work with your team effectively, resolve issues, and create strategy around team workflows.

Session 3: Advanced Commands

As the lead of your team, you will be called upon to solve problems as they arise with your repositories. In this session you'll learn how to work with commands to solve complex scenarios as follows:

Commands: reset (hard), amend, reflog, alias, clean, revert, cherry-pick, stash, interactive rebase

At the end of this session, you'll be very much in command of GIT and have the ability to manipulate your commit history with confidence.

Takeaway: Ability to resolve complex problems with GIT and rewrite history with confidence.

Session 4: Advanced Scenarios

In this final session, you'll get the opportunity to work with GIT to resolve some common complex scenarios. This session will then conclude with some final work around tagging and releases at GitHub.


  • Undo a commit to local main
  • Remove a commit pushed to main by accident
  • Two features ready for merge, remove one and keep one without losing code
  • Remove a secret and make it look like it was never there

Additional Work: Tagging a commit, creating a release on GitHub

Takeaway: Lead your team efforts with confidence, and fix the most common mistakes that occur in modern workflow scenarios.

In addition to the live sessions:

  • After each session concludes, Brian will stay with the class for an additional 30 minutes to answer any and all questions.
  • After the course concludes, Brian is willing to provide custom feedback for your specific workflow and how it may be improved.

After enrolling, you will receive:

  • Calendar invites to each of the 4 sessions.
  • A code to redeem one year of Taro Premium if you're not part of it.
  • An invitation to the exclusive Slack channel with other course attendees.