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AuraIntel focuses on unlocking the full potential of data.
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Data · Backend · Machine Learning
50 Employees
8+ years


AuraIntel is seeking an experienced engineer to join their team and play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of their data assets. The ideal candidate will contribute to revenue generation and enhance customer value by ensuring that systems can efficiently manage complex data relationships. The company values individuals who are innovative, collaborative, and driven. As a software engineer at AuraIntel, you will have a direct impact on data infrastructure and systems, leveraging statistical methods and machine learning to glean insights and enhance search engine algorithms. The role demands a track record of building high-performance systems, a deep understanding of data-intensive applications, and proficiency in Python, SQL, Snowflake, and data orchestration tools. If you are passionate about data analytics and problem-solving, this opportunity is tailored for you.

Last updated 23 days ago


  • Executing the roadmap for data infrastructure and systems
  • Developing and improving data layers using statistical methods and machine learning
  • Optimizing algorithms for similarity, relevance, and tagging


  • Track record of building highly performant systems
  • 8+ years of experience in data-intensive applications
  • Fluency in Python and SQL
  • Experience with messy/large datasets
  • Solid architectural vision
  • Experience with Snowflake
  • Knowledge of orchestration tools
  • Building and maintaining ETL/ELT pipelines
  • Utilization of cloud monitoring and administration tools
  • Understanding of data warehouse maintenance
  • Awareness of CI/CD practices

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