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Logo and brand creation tools company
Full-Stack · Frontend · Backend
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LOGO.com is hiring Canadian developers to aid in putting logo and brand creation tools in the hands of users globally. As a fullstack engineer, you'll contribute to developing various products such as the logo editor, logo design engine, and visual design application. The role involves planning, implementing, and maintaining features, collaborating with teams, proposing ideas, maintaining the codebase, and assisting the customer support team. Ideal candidates should have 3 years of experience, proficiency in TypeScript, React, Express, and SQL, and a portfolio showcasing their work. Nice-to-haves include serverside rendering experience and proficiency in design tools like Figma. LOGO.com offers great benefits like monthly allowances for various expenses, remote work flexibility, vacation policy, and educational opportunities.

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  • Ship features. Plan, implement, and maintain features.
  • Be an active team member. Participate in code reviews, knowledge sharing, and assistance.
  • Propose ideas. Voicing thoughts to impact users directly.
  • Maintain the codebase. Keep code tidy and organized.
  • Work with the customer support team. Fix bugs, integrate feedback, and answer technical questions.


  • Personal portfolio showcasing work
  • At least 3 years of software developer experience
  • Proficiency in TypeScript, React, Express, and SQL
  • Experience in fullstack application development using platforms like AWS, GCP, Cloudflare, Vercel, etc
  • Strong problem-solving skills, self-starter mindset, and good communication


Commuter Benefits
Medical Insurance
  • Monthly expense allowance for coffee and snacks
  • Monthly expense allowance for gym memberships or home exercise equipment
  • Monthly expense allowance for books, courses, and certifications
  • At least one annual meetup
  • Conferences paid for pending approval
  • Aside from meetups and occasional coworking days, completely remote work with your own schedule. We just ask that you overlap 9am to noon PST for standups and calls

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