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Should I move from Flutter to React Native?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Taro Communitya month ago

Hello Everyone,

I have one year of experience as a Flutter and Django developer at a startup, but am having trouble finding a new role. I believe the reason is that there are very few Flutter positions in my area.

To increase my chances of landing a job, I plan to build a side project, which would be a mobile application.

Should I build it using Flutter or make a switch to something more popular like React?



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    Engineering Manager at Mistplay
    a month ago

    I started in native android and now manage teams working with react for web. Building features in react myself was slightly challenging at first to learn the new syntax and slightly different patterns. Mostly though I was overwhelmed by how similar the patterns are to android in terms of architecture best practices and ways of structuring code for reusability, testability, and extension.

    So I highly recommend trying react, but perhaps with the goal of learning and enjoying the work as a new challenge and a chance to see the parallels and differences. Then after a while you’ll feel confident for your next role as a side effect.

    Chatting with a lot of the senior web folks on my team, I think it’s very normal to have worked on a bunch of different technologies. It is helpful for having a well rounded perspective - so definitely I wouldn’t recommend feeling like starting with flutter was a waste.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a month ago

    Figure out what your goal is: are you trying to build a cool side project which gets users, or learn React Native?

    If your goal is to have a portfolio piece that is actually impressive (i.e., not just a tutorial clone), then use Flutter. You'll probably be able to build the app with Flutter significantly faster, which is important since you'll need to iterate a lot.

    I like the idea of learning a new technology, too, though! Some good perspective here: Confused about choosing tech stack for learning and for my personal project