Taro is now on Learnerbly!

Taro is now on Learnerbly!
Taro is now available on Learnerbly

Our goal with Taro is to accelerate the careers for ambitious software engineers. We do this by focusing on the non-coding parts of the job, bringing together the content, community, and stories that are critical to maximize productivity and impact.

Our top priority is to help as many engineers as possible, from as many backgrounds and locations as possible. That requires meeting engineers where they are, integrating into existing platforms used to access quality learning products.

Today, we're excited about our partnership with Learnerbly. Learnerbly is the workplace learning platform that inspires people to learn and grow at 100s of the world's most progressive businesses. You can now purchase a Taro Premium membership through the Learnerbly platform.

If your company uses Learnerbly to facilitate professional development, search for Taro today!

We love the bottoms-up approach to learning that Learnerbly employs. Many companies will purchase a learning "solution" for all employees, but only a tiny fraction (< 5%) actually leverage the tool. Learnerbly allows individual employees to make the best decision for them, and we're confident Taro provides outsized value for software engineers.

Thanks to Taro user Olatunji Oduola for initially telling us about Learnerbly. We love hearing from users, and thanks to Olatunji for making this happen!

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