About Taro

Taro helps the best software engineers become better. Taro offers insights + feedback for tech workers to get the "insider perspective" on career growth.

Here’s the truth: being a good coder does NOT translate to being a good software engineer.

The most effective engineers have acquired many skills which are not formally taught in school or in the workplace. These skills, ranging from code review to team selection to cross-team communication, evolve as you go from junior to mid-level to senior engineer.

If you don’t get lucky with a good mentor or friend, you’ll miss the “insider” perspective on career success. For example: how do you build trust with your manager, find a promising team, and manage your time appropriately?

Why now

Especially in a post-pandemic world, where many of us are remote or hybrid, it’s hard to find quick, informal mentorship. And this isolation is particularly stark for women and under-represented minorities, who leave the tech industry at a 45% higher rate.

Enter Taro

Taro delivers valuable content for software engineers, personalized by level and company. Taro Premium offers full access to the membership program: compensation tips, invitations to exclusive events, and Q&A with career mentors.

All of this is available at a tiny fraction of the cost of a traditional career coach, and Taro is more valuable than any coach due to the community behind it.

For many engineers, the current resources available online are overwhelmingly irrelevant: they’re about learning a new web framework, or Leetcoding to switch jobs. If you’re at an established, fast-moving tech company, these resources won’t help with career advancement. Instead, the highest leverage activity is to learn from peers + veterans in similar companies. That’s what Taro delivers.

Think of Taro like Blind without the toxic negativity 🤬 and like LinkedIn without the toxic positivity 🥸

You're in good company by joining Taro