Welcoming Kenzie Alumni To Taro

Welcoming Kenzie Alumni To Taro

Today, we're announcing a partnership with Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University to empower alumni from the coding program to dramatically accelerate their career growth with Taro.

Kenzie is a leading bootcamp with tech certificate programs in software engineering, web development, and other areas. Kenzie is very effective in helping alumni land their first full-time engineering role.

But what happens once you've landed the job?

How do you succeed on the job?

The skills needed to succeed on the job turn out to be very different from the skills needed to secure the job. Ask any engineer who spent weeks or months doing Leetcode prep, and they will cringe while telling you how little of that knowledge is used as a professional software engineer.

Instead, full-time software engineers need a system for personal growth, community, and feedback. Kenzie Academy is aware of the continuous support their students need, and has therefore invested in providing this support far beyond graduation. Taro is proud to play a central role in providing that support.

Taro helps unlocks access to insider advice from industry experts on non-coding topics. These topics help alumni not only excel in their job, but also grow their careers as high performers, eventually reaching the senior and principal levels of engineering.

Here's how Taro moves the needle for Kenzie alumni:

  • Expert Q&A with real engineers
  • Case studies and insights from engineering leaders
  • A community of experienced technologists from top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, and Airbnb.
  • Virtual and physical live events to facilitate community and networking among Taro Premium members.

Partnership details

As part of this collaboration, a select few Kenzie alumni will receive full access to Taro Premium, and the broader alumni community will receive a 20% discount. Interested Kenzie alumni should email Matt Cummings at matt@kenzie.academy.

“We conducted an alumni survey asking alums what they wanted. One of the top responses was resources that would help them grow. By offering a partnership with and discount to Taro, our graduates will have the ability to access resources that will help them grow into future mid-level and senior-level positions. It also will allow them to build their professional network with the tech industry across the country.”

Matt Cummings, Kenzie Academy Assistant Vice President of Community and Alumni Engagement

As the Kenzie Academy blog post says, "Taro is a tool that can help you do it all": continuous learning, networking, and getting credible feedback.

We're looking forward to inviting many Kenzie alumni into the Taro community ❤️