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[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And Sharing

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[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And Sharing event
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Event description

This session is for wantrepreneurs (someone who wants to leave their full-time job and do a company) and early entrepreneurs. All attendees should be prepared to either pitch an idea or provide thoughtful feedback on other ideas.

In the last two decades, more money and attention have gone to early-stage startups. It's easier and cheaper than ever to start a startup, especially if you're an engineer!

Sample discussions:

  • Get feedback on the clarity of your idea, along with the opportunity size. Do you want a VC-scale outcome, or a "lifestyle business"?
  • Should you get pre-seed funding (generally $100K - $500K) from an accelerator?
  • How and when should you launch your product?

Also happy to share honest thoughts and feedback on well-known accelerators: Y Combinator, PearX, TechStars

What you get:

  • Hear ideas from other ambitious engineers to make your own idea/pitch better.
  • Taro (this platform!) is a YC-funded startup from S22. Rahul can share thoughts about how Taro got in and what he learned.
  • Rahul has personally reviewed and recommended 10+ companies that have gotten funding and launched their product.

Resources to take a look at:

This session will not be recorded. Group Office Hours are a communal way to get the personalized career advice you need.