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Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Mock Interview Meetup - Data Structures & Algorithms (LeetCode) event
Mock Interview Meetup - Data Structures & Algorithms (LeetCode)Wednesday June 26, 1:00am

If you don't have a Taro Premium member, you can get it with a discount using his special link here: https://www.jointaro.com/r/dannye523/

Join us for a meetup to do DS&A mock interviews!

Be prepared to give an interview and also take an interview. You should have a question prepared that you know well. You can also spectate an interview, put spectate in your name when you join the call Ex: Danny E (spectate)

To learn how to do a mock interview, check out some recorded mocks: https://start.interviewing.io/showcase

We know that a lot of folks want a mock interview but are unsure/not confident to give one themselves, so we highly recommend using the additional resources here to really learn how to give mock interviews:

Honestly, a lot of the value for giving a mock interviewer is just being a responsive human on the other side. No need to be a super DSA genius to give a proper mock interview!

We also have Taro Networking! Your mock interview journey doesn't have to end here - Use this platform to find other folks to mock interview with in the future: https://www.jointaro.com/networking/

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Friday, June 28, 2024
Paper Reading: Beyond Next-Token Prediction: Enhancing Language Models with Multi-Token Outputs event
Paper Reading: Beyond Next-Token Prediction: Enhancing Language Models with Multi-Token OutputsFriday June 28, 4:00pm
[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And Sharing event
[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And SharingFriday June 28, 5:00pm

This session is for wantrepreneurs (someone who wants to leave their full-time job and do a company) and early entrepreneurs. All attendees should be prepared to either pitch an idea or provide thoughtful feedback on other ideas.

In the last two decades, more money and attention have gone to early-stage startups. It's easier and cheaper than ever to start a startup, especially if you're an engineer!

Sample discussions:

  • Get feedback on the clarity of your idea, along with the opportunity size. Do you want a VC-scale outcome, or a "lifestyle business"?
  • Should you get pre-seed funding (generally $100K - $500K) from an accelerator?
  • How and when should you launch your product?

Also happy to share honest thoughts and feedback on well-known accelerators: Y Combinator, PearX, TechStars

What you get:

  • Hear ideas from other ambitious engineers to make your own idea/pitch better.
  • Taro (this platform!) is a YC-funded startup from S22. Rahul can share thoughts about how Taro got in and what he learned.
  • Rahul has personally reviewed and recommended 10+ companies that have gotten funding and launched their product.

Resources to take a look at:

This session will not be recorded. Group Office Hours are a communal way to get the personalized career advice you need.

RSVP for the next session: https://www.jointaro.com/event/office-hours-starting-a-startup-idea-feedback-and-sharing-91cbb/

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Saturday, June 29, 2024
Taro Book Club: Designing Data Intensive Applications - Chapter 9 (Consistency & Consensus) event
Taro Book Club: Designing Data Intensive Applications - Chapter 9 (Consistency & Consensus)Saturday June 29, 4:00pm

Topic: Chapter 9 - Consistency & Consensus

In this #taro-bookclub discussion, we'll go over Chapter 9 of "Designing Data-Intensive Applications" by Martin Kleppmann. This chapter is about Consistency & Consensus.

Here's the agenda:

  • We’ll break down and discuss the key concepts from Chapter 9.
  • There will also be time for any questions and answers you might have.

Please send your questions ahead of time to Suraj Singh and Kevin Wu in the Taro Premium Slack, so that they can be included in the discussion.

Get ready for another engaging and informative session!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Startup Employee To Startup Founder: What I Wish I Knew event
Startup Employee To Startup Founder: What I Wish I KnewTuesday July 9, 5:00pm

From 2013 to 2023, Tongbo Huang worked as an engineer or manager at three high-growth companies: Pinterest, Chekr, and Amplitude.

After 10 years working in startups of various sizes, Tongo decided to start his own: Sidr Tax. In the past year, Sidr Tax has surpassed 6 figures of revenue and is growing rapidly.

In this talk, Tongbo will share:

  • How he thought about taking funding (he previously went through Y Combinator) and why he decided to bootstrap for Sidr.
  • How he ended up working on a tax startup and how Shopify is fueling his growth.
  • The problem with founders today looking for "exciting" ideas.

Connect with Tongbo here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tongbohuang/

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Saturday, July 13, 2024
Online coffee chat (Staff Engineer course) event
Online coffee chat (Staff Engineer course)Saturday July 13, 5:00pm

If you don't have a Taro Premium membership, you can get it with a discount using Shivam's special link here: https://www.jointaro.com/r/shivamr202/

Hey Folks,

I recently completed the Senior to Staff engineer cohort organized by Rahul. I am a mid-level engineer at Amazon.


  • Review a few slides from the course as a reminder.
  • Talk in detail about the work I am doing including my different responsibilities in the team,
  • One action item from the course which I will work on.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 768 9963 2349
Passcode: 5ZvLw5

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Senior to Staff Engineer Office Hours: July Check-In event
Senior to Staff Engineer Office Hours: July Check-InTuesday July 16, 5:00pm

As the first terminal level in your career, senior engineers independently solve problems and deliver business value. Many engineers are stuck for years as senior engineers.

This is part of the cohort-based course "Senior to Staff - Land Your Promotion As An Engineer." This session is to check in on your progress toward becoming a Staff Engineer. There's no agenda or presentation planned -- come with your questions and discussions.

Some topics:

  • How to know where you stand on the path to promotion.
  • How to get (or create) scope on a team with many talented engineers.
  • How managers and directors perceive very senior IC roles.

Taro resources:

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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Paper Reading : The Impacts of Data, Ordering, and Intrinsic Dimensionality on Recall in HNSW event
Paper Reading : The Impacts of Data, Ordering, and Intrinsic Dimensionality on Recall in HNSWSaturday July 20, 3:00pm


The Paper discovers that the recall of approximate HNSW search, in comparison to exact K Nearest Neighbours (KNN) search, is linked to the vector space's intrinsic dimensionality and significantly influenced by the data insertion sequence. Our methodology highlights how insertion order, informed by measurable properties such as the pointwise Local Intrinsic Dimensionality (LID) or known categories, can shift recall by up to 12 percentage points. We also observe that running popular benchmark datasets with HNSW instead of KNN can shift rankings by up to three positions for some models. This work underscores the need for more nuanced benchmarks and design considerations in developing robust vector search systems using approximate vector search algorithms. This study presents a number of scenarios with varying real world applicability which aim to better increase understanding and future development of ANN algorithms and embedding

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Tuesday, August 13, 2024
Startups Are Better Than FAANG For Career Growth: When + Why event
Startups Are Better Than FAANG For Career Growth: When + WhyTuesday August 13, 5:00pm

Whether you're just starting out in your career or you have years of experience in Big Tech, startups can be a powerful career accelerant.

In this interactive discussion, Ben Rudolph, cofounder and CTO at Peregrine, will share his insights from hiring 20+ engineers at his startup. Topics covered:

  • What are the leading indicators of the most promising startups?
  • How should an engineer determine if/when they should explore startups for their next career move?
  • What's the best way for an employee to evaluate the potential of startup?
  • What are the common traits of the top-performing startup engineers?
  • What are the mindset differences for engineers to succeed at a startup vs a larger tech company?

Related discussions on Taro:

Peregrine is hiring Senior Engineers in the US who have 4+ years of experience. Taro members can use this link to get expedited feedback: https://www.peregrine.io/taro

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Tuesday, September 10, 2024
[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And Sharing event
[Office Hours] Starting A Startup - Idea Feedback And SharingTuesday September 10, 5:00pm
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Events With Tech Experts

We offer a comprehensive set of curated events tailored for junior to senior software engineers. We understand that the software engineer’s journey is not just about coding and algorithms, but more importantly, it’s about building meaningful connections with other engineers, staying updated on the latest industry trends, and mastering the skills of thriving in an organization.
All of our events are organized baed on the core idea that we are a community of tight-knit and curious software engineers who are constantly trying to improve themselves, as well as each other. Our past events have included local networking meetups where members have gotten career advice and exchanged contact information with recruiters.
Our members have started regular book club sessions where passionate engineers discuss popular engineering books, including “Designing Data Intensive Applications” by Martin Kleppmann.
In addition, we have hosted an event analyzing different white papers, including the famous “Attention Is All You Need” which has driven the current AI revolution in the recent years. Not only do the white paper events educate our community with the latest breakthroughs and studies in computer science, but it helps us cultivate a culture of critical thinking and informed discussions.
One of the obstacles that many software engineers face is succeeding at technical coding and system design interviews. it’s not just about knowing the right solutions, but it’s also about being able to convey your ideas effectively to the interviewer so they can recognize your problem solving ability. Our events for technical interviews are designed to give attendees a full perspective on how to prepare for interviews and what interviewers look for in a candidate.
Events include tech recruiters which provide another insight into how a decision from a technical interview is reached. By understanding what recruiters prioritize, you can understand how technical ability is weighed with cultural fit or how a company decides on a level for a candidate. Even more importantly, we dive into how to negotiate for your total compensation. The transparency in compensation has helped to inform engineers what they are really worth.
As you get further up the career ladder, you’ll have to deal with increasingly more complex workplace and organizational dynamics. The transition from individual contributor to team lead to manager or architect requires more than just being an excellent coder. It demands an understanding of team dynamics, effective communication, conflict resolution, and more. Our sessions help to address these different nuances, ensuring that engineers are more than just technically competent.
It’s our belief that every software engineer, regardless of background or experience, brings a unique perspective to the table. Everyone has the potential to make significant contributions at their company. Our events platform serves as an opportunity for you to foster growth and bring clarity to your engineering career.
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