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Why You Should Always Negotiate Your Offers

  • Negotiation is particularly life-changing, especially if you're early-in-career. It's also really high ROI as the cost is effectively just a couple emails and some potential awkwardness.
  • Negotiation doesn't hurt anyone within or outside the company - It's effectively a part of life when it comes to the hiring game.
  • What you negotiate for isn't connected to your costs: It's about getting what's fair given the market rate and your current leverage situation (i.e. do you have other offers).
    • Even if an offer is good given your personal situation, you should try negotiating, especially if it's below fair market rate for that level/company/geography and you have competing offers.
    • You can always do something with extra money!

If you need premier negotiation support, we're happy to help as a part of Taro Premium.