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Inside TaroGPT - Building A Career Coach Chatbot For Engineers

TaroGPT is an AI chatbot designed specifically to help engineers, trained on the 1000s of hours of expert career advice on the Taro platform, crafted by tech leaders at companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, hyper-growth startups, and more. In this session, we go through the system design and product philosophy behind the product.

TaroGPT is a collaboration between 2 companies (and 2 Alexs):

  • Taro (obviously) - We only built the frontend, and Alex Chiou was responsible for the Android and iOS implementations.
  • Sentiyen - This is Alex Perelman's company, and they built the backend that does all the cool machine learning and AI logic.

To learn more about front-end (Android, iOS, web) system design, check out Alex's master series here: System Design Masterclass: Taro Playlists

If you don't have TaroGPT yet, you can download it here:

Lastly, here's the link to the presentation slides: