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Do This To Get Maximum Value From Your Manager 1 on 1s

The manager 1 on 1 meeting is arguably the most sacred and high-leverage time you have in your career. Make sure you don't waste it by stumbling in with 0 preparation.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Come in with a plan - In your running meeting notes doc, write down the agenda beforehand with discussion points ordered by priority. Not only does this make your meeting more effective, it improves the perception of you from your manager's eyes as it shows that you're being more respectful of their time and you're more serious about your own growth and productivity.
  • Alert your manager of the plan 24+ hours beforehand - This allows them to "pre-compute" the best responses to your meeting topics, so they don't get caught like a deer in the headlights with the trickier ones. It also makes it harder for your manager to cancel, especially when you have deeper, more important topics on the agenda.

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