How To Build Work Relationships Faster - Giving Deeper Thanks


If you want to build work relationships efficiently and effectively network in general, it's vital to master the art of giving thanks and showing gratitude.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Giving thanks is a skill - Don't just send a cookie-cutter 1 sentence thanks over DM after someone helps you: It's very soulless and takes you almost 0 time to write. Helping someone out with their work performance is one of the most high-impact ways you can add value to their lives; you should respond in kind when you receive this help. Some basic tactics to "level up" your thanks is to send a heartfelt paragraph and to thank them in person, either through a video call or actually in-person if you're physically coworking.
  • Thank teammates via their manager - This is especially true at a high-performance tech company like FAANG where so much of the engineering culture revolves around performance review. If someone goes above and beyond helping you, make sure to let their manager know. If they're a recurring helper, you can even tell their manager that you deeply believe that this altruistic behavior should be rewarded in their performance review: When the helper hears this from their manager, they will really value you as a teammate and know that their efforts have truly been rewarded.

This clip is from our masterclass on how to succeed at a new team or company as a software engineer. Click here to watch the full thing.

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