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Quick Tips To Get Higher Quality Code Reviews Faster

A mistake many junior engineers make is focusing too much on the raw writing of the code. Getting your code to work is merely the beginning of the journey: After you do that, you need to submit it for review and get it approved. Here are our tips to make that process smoother.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Anticipate issues and account for them - Put yourself in the shoes of your teammates and proactively predict what parts of your code may concern them. Include relevant resources on your pull request addressing these concerns as soon as you publish your code review, saving 1 round trip of feedback. This builds up trust within your team as someone who cares about code quality and your teammates' time.
  • Comment on your own code review - Often times there will be parts of the code that you know aren't the cleanest and could have problems. When that happens, call it out yourself! There's nothing stopping you from "reviewing" your own code.
  • Be extremely receptive of code review feedback - Your goal is to build up a reputation as a code review feedback sponge over time. This makes your teammates feel heard and incentivizes them to leave more feedback on your code in the future, further boosting your learning. On the flip side, ignoring code review feedback is one of the most dangerous things you can do. This will lead to your teammates leaving less feedback on your code and approving your changer slower, severely damaging your productivity and growth.

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