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The Journey to Staff Engineer In Big Tech (Panel Discussion)

The journey to Staff Engineer is unique for everybody. In this session, we talk about all the ways we got there! Senior Engineer is a terminal level at most tech companies.

Staff Engineer is the next level up. This is referred to as Staff at Meta/Google, or Principal Engineer at Amazon/Microsoft.

Themes discussed in the video:

  • Staff Engineers need to have multiplicative impact and influence across multiple teams. There are several ways to achieve this (occasionally referred to as archetypes): code machine, architect, product thinking, fixer, and more.
  • Communication, and right-sizing it to the level and discipline of your audience, is critically important.
  • Being able to speak to real, quantifiable numbers when it comes to the impact you have is essential.
  • Staff engineers are typically known as the experts in certain domains or situations. Becoming well-known in an area is a skill and does require some amount of marketing.

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