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3 Mistakes Too Many Software Engineers Make (from a Director at Airbnb)

As Head of Search Engineering at Airbnb, Rachel Zhao has coached + mentored many engineers as they climb the ladder. She calls out 3 things NOT to do for software engineers:

  1. Don't work too hard (for an extended period) - This leads to burnout, which hampers both your health and your growth. Rachel regularly spends time reflecting and figure out what new skill/project she can take on. You can learn more about the importance of reflection when it comes to productivity in our video here.
  2. Don't say "I'm not learning enough" - At the end of the day, the company hired you to do a job - Growth is more of a 2nd order priority for many companies. This means that you need to be proactive about owning your growth - Don't just expect your manager to hand you the perfect curriculum of projects to get to the next level. For in-depth advice on how to create that scope for yourself to get to the next level, check out this in-depth Q&A advice.
  3. Don't focus on the score, focus on the game - In particular, don't focus too much on level and viewing others as competitors. Think about how your org functions and how you can add the most impact. Check out our in-depth advice on how to view levels when it comes to your career.