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Explaining Your Experience In A Meaningful Way On A Resume

  • The most common way resumes struggle is that they tell instead of show
  • Here's an example:
    • Telling: Added unit tests to the Android app with JUnit and Java
    • Showing: Increased test coverage of the Android app by 80%, which reduced bug tickets from users by 50%
  • In a nutshell, don't just say what you did - Adding an adjective like "great" doesn't automatically make your feat impressive. Prove that you did something great by talking about how you did it and the actual result (which is ideally business impact).
  • This method of communication is especially important for resumes as their audience is mainly non-technical: Recruiters. They aren't going to understand the more specific tech buzzwords. You need to write things in more "plain English", so that your accomplishments can be understood as impressive by almost anyone.

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