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Ace Your Tech Interview And Get To Higher Levels Of Compensation

In this 4.5 hour course which took me 80+ hours to make, I cover in-depth the tactics I used to succeed on the interview grind, which I also used to help thousands of other engineers achieve their dream jobs at Meta, Google, Amazon, and more across a variety of backgrounds (an engineer I helped get into Workday as her 1st job didn't even have a Computer Science degree!). More importantly, I share the many, many mistakes I made across my job searches. Believe it or not, I was an absolutely terrible interviewer when I graduated UCLA 10 years ago. I failed 30+ interviews before getting my first offer at PayPal, and I have seen countless other engineers make those same mistakes. With this course, I hope nobody ever messes up as badly as new grad Alex did. 🤣 Anyways, if you need help with your job search as many engineers do in this terrible market, I highly recommend this new job searching course.

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