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Bouncing Back After Termination. What can I do to move forward?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Unemployed7 months ago

Hello, I just wanted to get some advice last month I was terminated from my job after being placed on PIP/probation. When I first joined the company I had successfully completed training in React but was put on the team that didn’t use it. When the first review cycle came one of my teammates described my learning as flat and my technical skills as inadequate. There was even a time when I was ignored and tasks were passed over and one where I couldn’t come up with a plan. The junior who they assigned it afterward had the same issue couldn’t find and also didn’t need to come up with a plan but was allowed to work on it. Also, I was given noncoding tasks for a time or generic unit test tickets for functions that didn’t need it.

Eventually, I and the other junior got a task that was basic and miscommunication led to a delay and they complained about us both because of how it took. Then the assignment that sealed my fate was I had to implement a microservice and node API with a unit test in 2 weeks. There was a reference code but we couldn’t ask for help from senior developers. When my manager saw my progress he PIP'ed me and then when saw the demo he was underwhelmed and said I couldn't justify the code had a poor understanding of restful API concepts and my test didn’t meet functional requirements he wrote up the paper to basically have me fired.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    7 months ago

    Sorry to hear this, I'm sure it was stressful. Here's the thing about a PIP: it represents an area for improvement for both the company and you.

    It's clear that you were not given enough support during onboarding, and you didn't even get tasks assigned. For an entry-level role, I'd expect more structure and mentorship.

    At the same time, it sounds like there was an opportunity for you to be more proactive and communicate more. While your memory is fresh, write down your reflections about what happened and what you may be able to do differently.

    Take the frustration you're feeling and use that as the fuel for improvement. Here are some resources:

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    Entry-Level Software Engineer [OP]
    7 months ago

    Yeah, I understand what you are saying I wrote down my thoughts and I realized I really needed to speak up earlier about the lack of real work I was given. Also, I should have gotten some help from outside my team.

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