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How This Course Works

It doesn't matter if you have mastered 500 LeetCode problems if your resume isn't even good enough to get you the interview to begin with. Writing a stellar resume is one of the absolute highest-leverage things you can do as an engineer yet so many mess it up, making basic mistakes. With this course, you will stop making those mistakes. Here are the core parts of the lesson:

  • Your instructor Alex Chiou walks you through his extensive 10+ year Silicon Valley background with rapid career advancement, ending up as a high-performing tech lead making $750k at Robinhood. More importantly, he goes through how he reviewed (and rejected) 1,000+ resumes as he was extensively involved in the hiring loop of all of his prior companies.
  • You'll understand why writing a stellar resume is actually quite easy, but the internet makes it hard due to misinformation
  • We walk you through the course objectives. By the end of the course, you will understand:
    • πŸ’‘ Truly understand the principles behind a stellar resume
    • πŸ—‘οΈ Avoid the common traps that make resumes suck
    • πŸ’― Get maximum credit by best framing your experience
    • πŸ“Š Make the right resume based on your level
    • πŸ€” Know what to do if your resume isn’t enough