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Alex ChiouTech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero

Underleveled? It's A Feature, Not A Bug

You're doing better than almost all other engineers at your current level, at least the ones you can easily compare yourself to. So why aren't you getting promoted? Well, it might actually be dangerous to do so. This lesson teaches you:

  • Why if a company is doing promotion properly, getting to the next level always involves fundamental behavior change
  • The Peter Principle and how it explains the danger of promoting engineers based on their mastery of their current level
  • What lagging promotion is and why it's important, both for you and the company
  • A framework to understand what it means to go from one level to the next, paired with an in-depth example of the mid-level to senior transition

If you want to learn more about the concrete differences between engineering levels: [Taro Top 10] Understanding Engineering Levels