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PIP In Big Tech - Amazon, Meta, Google

In this section, we cover the path for employees to enter a PIP for three Big Tech companies — Amazon, Meta, and Google.

At Amazon, the poor performance rating is called Needs Improvement (NI). Poor performers are put on a Focus, which is a development plan to get back on track. Think of it like a warning. If the focus does not do well, the employee is put on a Pivot, at which point the options are to leave the company or accept a PIP. Learn more here: https://www.jointaro.com/topic/amazon/performance-review/

At Meta, the poor performance rating is called Meets Some (MS) or Meets All (MA) Expectations. If the HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) is part of your review meeting, a PIP is likely. One unique policy of Meta is something called "up or out." This requires engineers to get promoted every few years until hitting Senior Engineer [E5]. Learn more at https://www.jointaro.com/topic/meta/performance-review/

At Google, the poor performance rating is called Not Enough Impact (NI) or Moderate Impact (MI). A "Support check-in" indicates poor performance and candidate for a PIP. Google is generally more laid-back when it comes to performance compared to other companies. Learn more here: https://www.jointaro.com/topic/google/performance-review/