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Acing Tech Interviews In A Bad Job Market

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Acing Tech Interviews In A Bad Job Market event
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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you aren't able to get into the Zoom, we will be live streaming the talk on YouTube as well: https://www.youtube.com/@RahulPandeyrkp

The current software engineer job market is the toughest we've seen in over a decade. Ever since the massive layoffs starting in late 2022, we have seen laid-off talent flood the market and mostly run into hiring freezes and largely constrained headcount.

This means that in order to succeed on the interview grind, you need to stand out much more than ever before. The lazy tactics that worked in the prior ZIRP economy are pretty much useless now. In this session, we'll break down strategies you should use to become a top candidate.

After the presentation, we'll talk questions from the audience (that's you!) and give personalized career advice.

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