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Every Engineer Hits A Wall

Rahul PandeyRahul PandeyEx-Tech Lead at Meta, Pinterest
Alex ChiouAlex ChiouEx-Tech Lead at Robinhood, Meta
Your manager wants more "impact" but you don't have the proper projects. You joined a new company, but you don't have enough support to understand the tech stack. We've been there too.
We've mentored 80,000+ engineers through our online tech learning community and YouTube channel.
We've gotten engineers promoted from junior (L3) to senior (L5) at FAANG in < 2.5 years, 2x faster than the industry average.
We ramped up in 1 month switching jobs into top tier companies like Meta and Robinhood at L5+ levels.

Real-World Examples From L5+ Engineers At Top Companies

Learn how senior, staff, and principal engineers landed promotions, onboarded successfully, and navigated pivotal career moments. Receive on-demand access to dozens of exclusive Taro Premium sessions.

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Senior Software Engineer [E5] testimonial
Senior Software Engineer [E5]Meta
It has helped me grow from junior to senior level by helping me learn about many things I have never learned at Meta or anywhere else, like hidden skills that distinguish a good engineer from a great engineer! Definitely worth investing in for your career!
Rashmi Kishore testimonial
Rashmi KishoreSenior Software Engineer at Intuit
This is something I have been looking for all my professional life, a structured way of getting mentorship. I'm so fortunate to have found Taro and the guidance on your platform.
Software Engineer [SDE 2] testimonial
Software Engineer [SDE 2]Amazon
Taro Premium was a no-brainer investment for me because mentorship is something that I have really lacked in my initial years as a software engineer. It has all the resources you need to excel, from how to onboard to how to ace your 1:1s to building a growth plan.
Software Engineer [L3] testimonial
Software Engineer [L3]Google
Taro Premium members always spark interesting and engaging conversations. Taro mentors and members gave me the tools and the motivation to step up my game.
Hari Narayanan testimonial
Hari NarayananSenior Software Engineer [L5] at DoorDash
I'm being trusted by my team and manager so much more because I followed a lot of tactics from effective communication series. Rahul mentioned in a video that 'Promotion is about behavior, not output'. That sentence completely changed the way I look at career development.
Senior Software Engineer [5A] testimonial
Senior Software Engineer [5A]Uber
My EM told me today that I got promoted to L5. Even before this good news, I thought Taro was great, but now I'm a really happy Tarodactyl. Thanks for your hard work on this project.
Software Engineer [L4] testimonial
Software Engineer [L4]LinkedIn
You've made such a difference in how I operate and prioritize my time. I went from doing siloed projects with questionable impact to cross-org efforts with measurable impact. Taro provides a more intimate/private setting for Staff+ engineers to share their thoughts. This is the difference maker in how useful the content is.

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$33/month$26.66/month (20% off)
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