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Software Engineer - Distributed Systems

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Datadog is a global SaaS business delivering a combination of growth and profitability, providing digital transformation, cloud migration, and infrastructure monitoring solutions.
Madrid, Spain
Distributed Systems · Backend
Mid-Level Software Engineer
3+ years


Datadog, a global SaaS business, is seeking a Software Engineer specializing in Distributed Systems to join their team in Madrid, Spain. This role offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology in a fast-paced, high-growth environment.

As a Distributed Systems engineer at Datadog, you'll be at the forefront of designing, implementing, and running production-level foundational platforms that power their applications. Your work will involve creating data pipelines that ingest, store, analyze, and query billions of events per second in real-time from companies worldwide. These platforms are optimized for durability, high availability, low latency, internet-scale footprint, and operability.

Key responsibilities include building fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable solutions in multi-tenant environments, writing code in languages such as Go, Java, Rust, or C++, and utilizing open-source components like Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch. You'll have the opportunity to own meaningful parts of the service, make a significant impact, and grow alongside the company.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in backend programming, experience with high-durability and low-latency problems, and the ability to work at a low level when needed. A BS/MS/PhD in a scientific field or equivalent experience is required. Datadog values simple designs, performance, and a passion for technology.

Datadog offers an attractive benefits package, including stock equity options, professional development opportunities, an inclusive company culture, and comprehensive health benefits. They operate in a hybrid work environment, allowing employees to balance office culture with work-life harmony.

Join Datadog to be part of a collaborative, pragmatic, and thoughtful people-first community where you'll solve tough problems, take smart risks, and celebrate one another's successes. This role presents an excellent opportunity for growth and impact in the rapidly evolving field of distributed systems and cloud technology.

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  • Build fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable solutions running in multi-tenant environments
  • Write in Go, Java Rust or C++, amongst other languages
  • Use Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch and other open-source components
  • Own meaningful parts of our service, have an impact, grow with the company


  • BS/MS/PhD in a scientific field or equivalent experience
  • Significant backend programming experience in one or more languages (Go, Java, Rust, C++)
  • Experience working on problems (high durability / low latency)
  • Ability to work at low-level when needed
  • Care about simple designs and performance
  • Desire to work in a fast, high-growth startup environment


Medical Insurance
Education Budget
Parental Leave
Mental Health Assistance
  • New hire stock equity (RSUs) and employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)
  • Continuous professional development, product training, and career pathing
  • Intradepartmental mentor and buddy program for in-house networking
  • An inclusive company culture, ability to join Community Guilds (employee resource groups)
  • Access to Inclusion Talks, internal panel discussions
  • Free, global mental health benefits for employees and dependents age 6+
  • Competitive global benefits

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