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Software Engineers - Don't Forget These 2 Things When Considering A Team

These 2 more tactical aspects are often forgotten by software engineers when evaluating a team, even though they are huge influencers on your work-life balance and career growth on a team:

  • Oncall - You want to make sure that the team has a healthy system there where you aren't oncall too often, and the system is stable (so you don't need to wake up in the middle of the night constantly to fight fires). For more information on how to evaluate the health of an oncall rotation, check out the linked discussion below from an Atlassian Software Engineer.
  • Code review speed - It is easy for slow iteration here to stack up. If your team takes 3 days on average to review your PR and you need 3 revisions to finalize your commit, that means it will take you 2 entire weeks to land code (which is abysmal). A good team will turnaround code reviews in <1 day.

This clip was taken from our masterclass on finding the best company/team for you - Click here to watch the full thing.

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