Taro Premium Perks

A Taro Premium subscription gives you discounts to other products that can help your tech career growth

Neetcode discount
A better way to prepare for coding interviews. In-depth explanations of data structure and algorithm problems by an ex-Google engineer and popular YouTuber. Topics include arrays, linked lists, binary search, stacks, and more.10% off
Shimmer - ADHD Coaching discount
Shimmer - ADHD Coaching
An expert, affordable ADHD Coach. Weekly calls and in-app support to reach your full potential. Experiment with new skills, improved routines, and personalized systems to help you grow.30% off
Formation.dev discount
Formation is a technical fellowship for software engineers who seek impactful roles and career growth at the most prestigious tech companies in the industry.$300 discount
ByteByteGo discount
Everything you need to take your system design skill to the next level.20% off
Educative discount
Level up your coding skills, quickly and efficiently. Text-based courses with embedded coding environments help you learn without the fluff. No setup required.10% off
iOS Academy
iOS Academy
iOS Academy provides courses and interview prep for Swift and Objective-C developers.10% off
Exponent discount
Exponent provides courses to help you prepare for PM, engineering, and other tech interviews.20% off