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Working remote: How to be more visible and noticeable?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Taro Community8 months ago

I'm working remote and I feel I may not be more visible in what I'm doing:

  • Should I keep showcasing things I'm working on?
  • How do I be more visible and noticeable so my team doesn't think what I'm doing all day? We have multiple group chats involving skip level bosses and global team in which I feel I should be more visible but don't know how to.

Please guide me.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    8 months ago

    I wouldn't worry too much about showcasing your work. Worry more about making sure people can benefit from your work. The byproduct of this is that your work will get noticed. Some ways of doing this:

    • Provide helpful feedback on code review.
    • Write posts reflecting on what the team is doing well, or patterns you've noticed.
    • Organize a social event or hang-out session for your team. This allows opportunities to share your work in a more informal way.

    I'd also encourage you to find a "body double" if possible. Someone to pair program with or a do a recurring 1:1 meeting. See the idea of an accountability partner.

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    Senior Software Engineer [SDE 3] at Amazon
    8 months ago

    Adding to the list provided by Rahul:

    • Be attentive in meetings and contribute by asking good questions and providing suggestions
    • Conduct knowledge sharing sessions on your work or other things you think would be beneficial to the team.
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    Coding Challenge Writer @ CodingChallenges.fyi
    8 months ago

    Some great responses here, one more option is to share useful things you've learned or found with the team via those group chats.

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    Tech Leadership Coach • Former Head of Engineering
    8 months ago

    Like others have said, don't force it.

    One of the easier ways to get started is to engage with what other people are posting.

    • Add a few examples or use cases where their idea / solution would apply
    • Build on the idea. Add a few more to an existing list.
    • Share good ideas with others (i.e. repost and give credit).

    There are a lot of parallels to how we engage on social media that can be applied in a healthy way to the workplace.

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    Entry-Level Software Engineer at Qualtrics
    8 months ago

    +1 everyone and especially the "making sure people can benefit from your work." For me, this has been the #1 driver of "recognition" and "visibility" within my team and cross-team.

    Some things I do day-to-day that embrace this idea:

    1. PMs / Managers will often ask questions in meetings / slack, that are targeted towards the engineers (you!). Only respond if you can actually contribute in a net positive: (1) ask good question to help them elaborate what they're asking for (sometimes the original question is a shot in the dark for several reasons); (2) provide a correct & succinct answer to their question. This is such a perfect opportunity to shine. It will help craft your communication skills + translation skills from eng -> non-eng.
    2. Pay attention to your co-workers struggles / blockers and ask them how you can help them! I've found this to be highly effective: (1) if the problem is in your area/domain it is an easy win for you that might just require a high level explanation; (2) if you genuinely don't know how to help, guide them to the right person. (Early on I tried to just tag team with everyone, but that clearly didn't scale) Be careful here though, don't stretch yourself thin, you still need to focus on your own core work (but this is also part of your work: collaboration).

    At the end of the day, if you provide value here and there, people pick up on it quickly and you don't have to showcase anything, because your work will speak for itself and people will attribute it and talk about it!