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How do I take advantage of the success of my hackathon project?

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Software Engineer 1 (Junior) at Booking.com2 years ago

I took part in a company-wide hackathon and won! I hacked on a backend API that allowed for a more intuitive UI around hotel policy changes. This feature is now on the roadmap for the company and I’ve been talking to the relevant eng manager on the team to talk about the work in one of their teams. How can I continue the momentum of this hackathon?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    Congrats on winning the hackathon! You have a great opportunity now to create as much impact as possible by continuing to push the project through and add value. Most hackathon projects die out after the initial enthusiasm, but you are setup for longer-term impact here.

    In any presentation you give about your hackathon work, make the following very clear:

    1. What’s the problem?
    2. What’s the progress on the problem?
    3. What are the next steps, and how can people watching get involved? (call to action)