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Layoff Signal vs Quick-Leaver Signal?

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Senior Software Engineer at Upstart17 days ago

I have an offer that's much better than being laid off (actually, freelancing is going well, but let's put that aside)

but much worse than what I think I'm worth (I think I could get 50%+ more comp with 1-3 more months of job search)

so I'm planning to accept and keep interviewing.

How should I message other companies as I keep interviewing?

  1. declare my new employer, companies like to hire people that are employed and it outweighs quick-leaving stigma
    1. Note, in case company prestige matters, this is a Tier 2 household name company currently ranking in the top 80 according to https://prestigehunt.com/
  2. do not declare the new employer, continue to signal that I was recently laid off. this might show a 1-3 month gap on my resume but that's better than being a "quick leaver"
  3. something else


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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    17 days ago

    First off, congrats on the offer!

    I think #2 is best as it's very awkward to interview someone who just started a new job. I would move the start date out as much as possible to make this claim as true as possible for as long as possible.

    If you haven't already, I recommend negotiating the offer you have on-hand as well: The Insider's Guide To Negotiating Your Tech Salary And Compensation

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    17 days ago

    Have you already made public that you've been laid off from your last job? The core principle is that you don't want to share information that can hurt you.

    So my recommendation is not to discuss how you're taking a "temp" job or your layoff. This is most important at the screening stage -- you can be more open when you are engaging with an engineer at the interview stage.

    Among #1 and #2, I'd pick #2. I'd only show the new employer if you've been there for 4+ months.

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      Senior Software Engineer [OP]
      17 days ago

      Thanks! Yes, public that I have been laid off. Public in that my resume and LinkedIn do not say “current” for the most recent job

      In many application processes I don’t need to share it and don’t get asked, but occasionally I am directly asked who my current employer is and I have openly said unemployed