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Meta Platforms, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate based in Menlo Park, California. The company owns 3 of top 4 social networks in the world: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. More than 3.5 billion people use at least one of the company's core products every month.

Dealing with conflict with your TL

Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta profile pic
Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta

I have been having a hard time dealing with my tech lead. He’s e5 and leading our project. I’m aiming for promo end of this half and I feel like he’s really using that as a weapon against me.

For the project I am on, he gave me some deliverables. For one of the deliverable d1, I pushed back as there was no clarity. He basically said you have to do it or someone else will. I pulled in my manager and eventually the manager said it’s his project, his decision.

Fast forward, after spending a good week or 2 on this , we were asked to stop the project due to the alignment issues I had highlighted earlier.

The whole deliverable d1 was de prioritized and I was asked to work on something else (d2). It’s close to the end of the half now and the Teach lead is asking me to do more work to show that d1 made any progress and it was landed.

Despite working super hard on this, I have not clear deliverables. I think this is a directional problem. A lot of this was out disambiguating stuff. He’s also said stuff like you don’t seem to be working much on this.

I feel quite frustrated that despite working a lot the TL doesn’t seem to acknowledge any of the work or doubts cleared.

  • How do I deal with this when I keep doing things and he keeps moving the finish line slightly ahead?
  • I’m also tired of his snide comments such as this really isn’t e4 scope but I can say it is for you.
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Meta / Facebook Team Matching

Mid-Level Software Engineer at Series A Startup profile pic
Mid-Level Software Engineer at Series A Startup

I'm moving forward to team matching at Meta for E4 and wanted to ask the community if they had any suggestions for teams with the strongest potential for growth, especially for the New York office.

The recruiter gave me the following survey. I stated I'd be more of a "Product - Generalist" role. Would also be curious to learn more about "Systems - Generalist" as I did the System Design interview as well.

In general from what I've seen, there's a decent amount of opportunity in Instagram, Whatsapp, and Reality Labs (from product announcements and earnings calls). I've also been told to avoid monetization as it's difficult to make an impact there.

Would appreciate any advice or suggestions! Also would appreciate tips on what questions to ask Hiring Managers to assess how they grow E4s.

What is your role? (select the one that applies) 

  • Systems - Generalist 
  • Product - Generalist  

What type of work motivates you the most? (select all that apply) 

  • Infra: Scaling challenges
  • UX: Building user experiences
  • Growth: Top of line impact
  • Integrity: Ensuring platform safety 
  • Social Impact: Progressing positive change on key social issues 


Who do you want to build products for? (select all that apply) 

  • Consumers: External, individual users of the Meta family of apps 
  • Businesses: External business account users of Meta family of products 
  • Meta Employees: Users of internal tools 
  • Developers: Internal and external engineers using Meta developer products and APIs 


Please select which Meta Pillar(s) you’d be interested in joining? (select all that apply) 

  • Family of Apps: Enable optimized enforcement and support of account integrity to foster safe and meaningful communities. 
  • Monetization: Empower people and businesses to succeed in the global economy
  • Gen AI: bring the transformative potential of generative AI to people and businesses
  • Reality Labs: build tools that help people feel connected anytime, anywhere

How would you rank your preference in terms of products? (feel free to use numbers)

  • Facebook App
  • Monetization
  • Privacy
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • What’s App
  • Reality Labs (AR/VR)
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