Introducing Taro Referrals

Introducing Taro Referrals

Starting today, when a user joins Taro Premium through a referral, both the new member and referring member can receive hundreds of dollars in rewards. Find your unique link here:

Taro is our corner of the internet where software engineers get credible advice to advance their career. This results in faster promotion, stress-free onboarding, and more confidence.

Tens of thousands of engineers benefit from our curated content, organized by level, company, and topic. We also have hundreds of Taro Premium members who attend exclusive live sessions from industry leaders, participate in our Q&A forum, and share in the Taro Premium Slack.

The quality and ambition of Taro Premium members is shockingly high, and we know the best engineers often hang out together. Taro becomes better as more people join and share their perspective. That's why we created a referral program with meaningful rewards baked in.

This is the best rewards programs we know of for consumers:

  • Earn $100 if your invitee signs up for yearly
  • Earn $20 if your invitee signs up for monthly

The new Taro Premium member will receive 20% off their membership fee.

Join Taro Premium today to start referring your friends and coworkers.

Many Taro Premium members are able to reimburse the cost of membership to their employer using their learning budget. This referral program makes Taro Premium an obvious career investment if you have this L&D budget. We have dozens of engineers at companies like Meta, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft who have already done this.

Over the next few weeks, we'll evaluate how the referrals are being used and make adjustments as needed.

Earn rewards - Taro
Invite your friends to Taro and earn rewards

Happy referring!

-- Rahul P, Cofounder at Taro

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