During stand up for a very small team on a small startup, what should I be informing them to provide value?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community6 months ago

I know the typical, "what you did, what you're going to do, blockers"; but, I feel like thats kind of basic. On the flip side, I feel if I get too much involved in what I did and perhaps implementation details, they might not necessarily understand or care.

For context, our team is very small, and our CEO/CTO are the other devs so I feel like I need to tell them more, but not sure where to draw the line.



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    6 months ago

    I like your approach to deliver valuable updates in standup, by asking the question "what does my team actually care about?"

    The way I'd do this is to look at the top 2-3 priorities for your team (I guess, in your case, the whole company), and figure out how your work ties to that. Then in your standup update, make the connection clear. At the CXO level, they probably care about things like timeline, and anything you're doing that could speed up or slow down the shipping date.

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    Engineering Manager at Blend
    6 months ago

    For my team I implemented standup 2.0

    • We use geekbot to cover all the standard questions (yesterday, today, blockers)
    • We use standup meeting to talk about the juicy stuff (blockers, distractions, shipping on time) <-- Like Rahul said, generally this is what leadership cares about.
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