How do I give a good standup update on a fragmented team?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [SDE 1] at Amazona year ago

I work with several senior engineers who split their time between teams. This leads to odd stand up updates such as “I have no updates for this team”. As a result, I feel like I’m not getting value from their updates, and I also don’t know how to structure my updates to make it relevant for them.

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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago
    • It’s odd but not inherently a bad thing if the senior engineers have very stunted standup updates. They can get value by listening to what other people work on, and helping to unblock people as needed.
    • Use the mechanisms within Amazon to find what they’re working on. Look at their CRs or their calendar to figure out what they’re working on, and where they spend their time.
    • There’s probably some relationship between the work they’re doing on this team vs the other team, so you can try to draw a connection between your work and their work.

    There’s a potential broader issue where it feels like these senior eng are breaking the cohesion of the team because of how fragmented the standup feels. In that case, I’d recommend talking to your manager and talking about the negative impact on the team and what could be done about it.

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