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What is your opinion on working multiple jobs?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Weight Watchers2 years ago

Currently working full time as an Android Developer but also running a small consulting gig on the side. Main reason at the time was to have another income stream.

Now I am torn between keeping both jobs, quiting the full time and going all in on my company or dropping my company.

For me personally it is a difficult choice because I am driven to achieve what my mind sets out to do but lately I have not been enjoying work like I used to. In the end the decision is mine to make but I would love some guidance.



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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    2 years ago

    First, I recommend going through the exercise of stack-ranking your priorities if you haven't already, which I cover in detail in this video.

    In general, juggling multiple jobs is pretty rare (as it's quite hard), but I know a couple people who have done it and are doing just fine. That being said, I'll go through all 3 of your options 1 by 1.

    Keeping Both Jobs

    • This doesn't seem great to me in a vacuum if you aren't enjoying the work anymore.
    • However, if you really like your team, it can be worth giving it another chance. Tactically, I recommend taking a "reset" week or two if you haven't already to clear your head. I got burned out by the transition to remote work after covid while I was at Meta, and I remember coming back to the job feeling super energized.
    • That being said, it seems like compensation is a priority for you, and while Weight Watchers is a legit brand, I assume they aren't paying FAANG-level bands. Unless your side gig is making a ton of money, it will be tough having this path be the maximum $$$ option.
    • On the flip side, when it comes to these situations, I usually see people pairing a company with really good WLB and decent compensation (i.e. respectable but not at FAANG level) with a side gig. It's a way for them to have a pay floor while being able to explore things outside of work. If Weight Watchers fits that bill, this seems like a potentially good setup.
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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    2 years ago

    Going All In On Your Company

    • If you like your side gig, it makes good income, it has the potential to grow, and you're fine with less stability, I think this is a good option. This is almost certainly the more fun option as I know from working on side projects for 9 years and now founding my own company, haha.
    • If you have never gone all-in starting your own company before, this is more reason to try it. It's a very unique experience that can teach you a lot, and it generally gets harder to do the older you are.
    • If you want to learn more about the rationale I used to quit my comfy job at Robinhood to start Taro, I made a video about it here.
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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    2 years ago

    Dropping Your Side Company

    • I imagine this means you would work at Weight Watchers full-time. The question here is if your idea is to stay there or look elsewhere, using the freed up time to do interviews? If your goal is just to stay at Weight Watchers and focus there, this is the least appealing option to me, but I don't have a lot of very relevant info like availability of growth opportunities there, how supportive your team is, and compensation.
    • If you value both consistency and compensation, going to a FAANG/FAANG-equivalent company is generally the best option.
    • If you're dropping the side gig/startup route, I highly recommend our ultra in-depth session on how to find the best team/company for you.
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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 months ago

    Two considerations:

    • Growth rate/enjoyment at your full-time role vs consulting gig.
    • How much money do you have saved up?

    The default answer should be to say with the full-time job (or go to another full-time job that could pay more). However, if:

    1. The consulting is going well, and you have many potential clients over the next year.
    2. You have at least a year of runway to support you + your family.

    Then you've removed most of the key risks of going all-in on consulting! Even if you fail, you'll almost certainly be able to go back and get a full-time job

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