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How much do the initial tasks you get in bootcamp matter?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta6 months ago

When I started in bootcamp, my bootcamp mentor assigned me a couple tasks to do. How important are these tasks? Do I need to get them done with a certain speed and quality? Are you judged on them in any way?

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  • Rahul Pandey
    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    6 months ago

    The initial bootcamp tasks have very little relevance to your eventual rating or even the team you end up joining. The purpose is to mostly to get you to actually commit code and go through the workflow of making a change.

    There is a baseline expectation of your performance on the task, but as long as you're in that range, these tasks are not that consequential. For example, if a small task takes you more than a week, or has 3+ rounds of feedback on the diff, that would be a concern. This may impact how long you stay in bootcamp, so make sure you don't blow off the tasks completely.

    If you have to pick between completing more bootcamp tasks faster vs talking to more teams and feeling better about team selection, you should always optimize for team selection.