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How does a lack of impact due to org churn affect impact axis in PSC?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [E3] at Meta2 years ago

I'm looking to get promoted to E4 in the next cycle, but I'm worried as my impact contribution isn't very clear. I've done a lot of work, but due to churn within my org (which includes a recent re-org), a good amount of my code isn't truly in production yet. I've documented my work in Quips and tasks to show that I did it, but I'm wondering if a lack of shipped impact will hold back my PSC.



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    Impact is important for every level of promotion, but I'd say that it's less important for E3 --> E4 at Meta. Especially if it's due to factors outside your control, such as the churn you mentioned. What matters most is:

    • How did you do the work? Was the work done with high quality and minimal hand-holding? The way in which you do the work matters almost as much as the work itself.
    • Is there a clear path to future impact? Can you clearly justify that a project launching next half/next year is going to be really powerful, and how it wouldn't be possible without your contributions?
    • Was the work of sufficient complexity? The bar here is not that high, but make sure the diffs you landed are not simply bug fixes you did in isolation. Ideally it required a bit of planning/buy-in from the team and was actual feature work.

    How do you feel you did on the above criteria, and how much can the people around you (peers, tech lead, manager) also comment on this to justify your opinion. That's what I'd focus on.

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