How can I get more internships?

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Software Engineering Intern at Series B Startupa year ago

I'm currently doing my 2nd internship, and I have time to do another one before I graduate (I'm currently doing a traditional ~4 year university Computer Science degree). What can I do to lock in a great additional internship for that last slot?

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a year ago

    Here are some action items I recommend:

    • Clarify success criteria - Figure out what the outcome of your current internship is. Is it possible to get a return offer? If so, definitely optimize for that.
    • Leverage school social programming - One of the greatest perks (usually) of 4-year universities is that they'll offer job-search programming, mainly career fairs. Make sure to tap into those aggressively. Polish your resume, show up early, and come prepared!
    • Network at your university in general - University is an awesome environment as there's a lot of solidarity (your fellow students are around the same age as you and at the same stage in career). Here's also a great discussion around networking with folks more senior than you: "How can I network effectively as a college student?"

    For more in-depth advice on how to navigate the job market as a student, I wrote an article about it here (it largely covers the mistakes I made as a UCLA CS major, haha): How To Find A Job As A Computer Science Student

    Having a terrible resume is also another super common trap I see students fall into, myself included. Here are some great resume optimization resources that Taro provides:

    Lastly, I highly recommend this other discussion: "How to make the most of my time in school?"