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What is the Bar Raiser concept at Amazon ?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community10 months ago

Heard a lot about Bar Raiser round during Amazon interviews but I also see some people posting it as an award. Would like to know more about this and the kind of mindset needed for it.



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    Senior Software Engineer [L5] at Google
    10 months ago

    https://www.aboutamazon.eu/news/working-at-amazon/what-is-a-bar-raiser-at-amazon aligns with what I know from my time there, but there actually maybe some folks in Taro who are / were bar raisers at some point in their career who can talk about it some more.

    Interview bar raisers are basically experienced interviewers from outside the hiring manager's organization that help calibrate interview standards across the company. It's a high-demand, voluntary role on top of one's day job with a lot of potential impact.

    Are you asking this question because you would like to be a bar raiser?