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Where can I make a feature request for Taro?

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Senior Software Engineer at Taro Community5 days ago

If I would like a feature request, where would I post this? For example, my feature request would be a time elapsed text for Taro course videos. It would be great to see our progress even more visualized as watch videos (in addition to seeing the percentage bar so we know how much time we have left to complete a course)



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    5 days ago

    Works to share requests here! (we check the Taro forum almost every day!)

    Historically, other members put feedback + feature requests in the Taro Premium Slack: #taro-app-discussion-and-feedback

    For your specific idea, I think it's great. We have the progress bar when you click into a course, but I assume you're talking about the list of courses at https://jointaro.com/courses. Is that right? You'd like to see your percent completion for each course without having to click in?