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Does anybody have recommendations for English speaking, writing course/coach?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer [SDE 2] at Amazon4 months ago

English is not my first language. I don't know what to write or talk in all kinds of situations. I don't know if I lack critical thinking to think about points or is it because of lack of English proficiency. I have joined Toastmasters but its not helping that much. I am looking for 1-1 coaching in English speaking, writing, public speaking. Group discussions, driving meetings especially getting alignment, breaking down points, story telling are my biggest problems. Any recommendations to fix these issues?

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  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    4 months ago

    I recommend Ryan Alexander Wiens, who is a big supporter of ours and specializes in helping tech folks improve their English.

    Within the Taro community I recommend:

    • Introducing yourself within #member-matching in the Taro Premium Slack and letting people know you're looking to practice your English (and help others with theirs). There are many folks within the community who don't have English as their first language!
    • Coming to Group Office Hours and participating in the discussion, either chiming in on other's questions or asking your own (I'm happy to give feedback on your English there as well). It's a judgment-free, 100% positivity zone - A great place to try this!
    • Sharing snippets of technical writing you have done within Taro Q&A and getting feedback on it here.

    I also recommend these other Taro resources:

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  • Rahul Pandey
    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    4 months ago

    Can you manufacture low-pressure, low-cost ways to practice your speaking and writing? Something like Toastmasters, but perhaps something a bit more engineering-related and with a bit more pressure. Some ideas:

    • Write a daily update of what you did (yes, every single day). Do it privately at first, but then make it a doc/group which is publicly accessible. Tag people occasionally in some of the updates, then ask them for feedback if the update was clear.
    • When you give a standup update, do a lightweight checkin with folks to see how much they understood, and ask for feedback.
    • Push yourself to go on lunches/coffee chats with members of the team.

    You should get in the habit of doing at least one thing every day which makes you uncomfortable when it comes to practicing English.

    (And +1 to Ryan Wiens!)

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  • @Alex , @Rahul . Can you please share how Ryan's help is unique in improving English. I find it difficult to navigate linkedin posts . Ryan doesnt have youtube or website for me to understand.

  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    4 months ago

    Unfortunately I don't know - I just know that he's a good person, and he has a lot of good testimonials. I would DM him on LinkedIn for more information on how his program works.

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