My main project doesn't have a ton of coding work - Is that okay for an E4?

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Mid-level engineer [E4] at Metaa year ago

For the core workstream I got put on, there are a lot of potential angles to really move metrics, which I'm excited about. However, they mainly seem to be non-code solutions.

I've gotten earlier feedback that I need more coding signal, which has me apprehensive about this current workstream. I know that an E4 needs a lot of coding contribution for Engineering Excellence, but I am pushing for E5 which is more people/direction driven. Is it okay for me to take on this project or should I find something with more coding work?

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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a year ago
    • Coding contribution is definitely something to keep in mind as an E4. Bring this up with your manager, and try to scope out the theoretical # of diffs beforehand. From here, you two can make the calculation on whether more coding signal is needed.
    • If you can't drop the project, you can use BE as a sort of "hack" to get a bunch of diffs and shore up your overall coding signal.
    • If I were to throw a number out there, having 50 diffs or less per half as an E4 is when you'll get weird looks when people relevant to your calibration look you up in Team Insights.

    Here's a very related Q&A pair about the same topic.