Announcing Taro Perks and our First Partner:

Announcing Taro Perks and our First Partner:

Today we're announcing Taro Perks, a collection of high-value discounts from trusted partners, available exclusively for Taro Premium members.

The goal with Taro is to accelerate the careers for ambitious software engineers. We do this by focusing on the non-coding parts of the job, bringing together the content, community, and stories that are critical to maximize productivity and impact.

However, there are other parts of the software engineering journey where Taro is not a good fit: preparing for interviews, diving into the specifics of a progamming language, and going through system design examples.

That's why we just launched Taro Perks, a collection of discounts from trusted partner companies. We vetted each company's product and leadership team, and we believe they offer tremendous value for their customers.

One such partner is, a program to help engineers build engineering + interviewing skills in order to land a job at Tier 1 tech companies.

Taro Premium members receive a special application link for Formation, along with $300 off the cost of the program.

As Taro continues to grow, we'll continue making the service more and more valuable. If you have feedback about other partners you'd like us to include on Taro Perks, reach out to me at!

p.s. Formation is running a "Formation Experience Panel" on November 30 to discuss the Fellowship in more detail. Details here.