ByteByteGo is now part of Taro Perks!

ByteByteGo is now part of Taro Perks!

Taro Perks is a collection of high-value discounts from trusted partners, available exclusively for Taro Premium members.

Taro is designed for engineers to accelerate their career. We do this by focusing on the non-coding parts of the job, bringing together the content, community, and stories that are critical to maximize productivity and impact.

For other parts of the engineering journey, we recommend our partners. We vetted each company's product and leadership team, and we believe they offer tremendous value for their customers.

Today, we're announcing that ByteByteGo is part of Taro Perks. Taro members get 20% off the subscription cost.

ByteByteGo includes everything you need to take your system design skill to the next level. The subscription includes high quality instruction about system design fundamentals, designing a product, and topics like big data, storage, and location services. It's run by 2 best-selling authors Alex Xu and Sahn Lam. (You've probably seen Alex's mega-viral posts on LinkedIn!)

We're so excited to welcome ByteByteGo into the Taro Perks program!

As Taro continues to grow, we'll continue making the service more and more valuable. If you have feedback about other partners you'd like us to include on Taro Perks, reach out to me at!