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Frontend System Design Masterclass - Building Playlists

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Alex ChiouTech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
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Course Overview

System design: It's a become a staple topic among software engineers for its prevalence in interviews. However, unlike data structures and algorithms, system design is actually something engineers have to do on the job, especially at senior levels and beyond.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How tech leads at top companies like Big Tech design high-quality, scalable systems
  • Common design patterns and things to look out for as a frontend engineer or anybody who's working more on the product side
  • A good format you can use for your own technical design documents
  • The process to follow to find the best overall engineering approach to a hard problem
  • How to socialize your technical ideas to get buy-in

Grow past the memorization of fancy FAANG tech components and become an engineer who's capable of writing code that lasts.

Meet Alex Chiou

Alex Chiou is a proven Silicon Valley engineer with 10 years of experience across top companies like PayPal, Meta, and Robinhood. As a tech lead at Instagram, he shipped multiple $100 million revenue ads products to over a billion users. He's also built several software projects at scale just for fun, shipping 3 Android side projects with 500k+ users and 30+ apps to Google Play with 4.5 million+ users combined.