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Rahul PandeyTech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei

Helpful Phrases During Negotiations

The phrases covered here are applicable in various scenarios as you go through the interview process.

Negotiations require a deliberate choice of words, avoiding apologies, and showcasing your value beyond just compensation. By using these phrases, you can confidently navigate negotiations and achieve your desired outcomes.


Compensation is definitely important for me, but I care a lot about the people I work with and what I’m working on.

I want to do my best work in a company that values me.

At this time, I’m more interested in understanding the company and people rather than the compensation. 

*> I’m sure we can work out the compensation if we think this is a mutual fit.

I have a few other opportunities I’m in the process for, but if this is compelling enough I’m ready to commit.

That role wasn’t a great fit, so I’m exploring adjacent opportunities.

My focus is to have tons of impact at the company and I want to take part in the success.

This is a large decision and I want to commit fully to the job I end up choosing.

I want to do right by the company I join and build the next part of my career there.

If you could send over the offer, I’d love to take a look in more detail. 

*> I’m chatting with my partner about the job stuff so I should be able to give you an update after that.