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Ask Me Anything (AMA) with a Senior Eng Director - Sanjay Siddhanti

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Ask Me Anything (AMA) with a Senior Eng Director - Sanjay Siddhanti event
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Sanjay Siddhanti is a Senior Director of Engineering at AKASA. After graduating from Stanford, he previously held engineering roles at Counsyl, Karius, and Flatiron Health.

Sanjay's background:

I'm the Senior Director of Engineering at AKASA. I joined AKASA in 2019 as one of the first employees when we were a seed-stage startup. I originally joined AKASA as an individual contributor, and quickly switched over to management. I built much of the company's early technology as an IC and later as a tech lead / manager. I also started and managed multiple engineering teams at the company, including Platform Engineering, now an org with 20 engineers.

Happy to answer questions about:

  • How engineering leaders think about the role of Senior, Staff, and Principal ICs.
  • How and why to transition from IC to management
  • The differences between an Engineering Manager vs Engineering Director
  • How to hire and retain great talent
  • How to succeed in a startup environment.

I can also discuss how to introduce effective development processes (code reviews, agile development, postmortems, planning, etc) in early stage companies and how to evolve these practices as a company grows.

This AMA is part of the cohort-based course "Senior to Staff" which starts Jan 22, but all Taro Premium members are invited to join this session.