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New York City Taro Meetup - Get Free 🍹

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New York City Taro Meetup - Get Free 🍹 event
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Tarodactlys of NYC unite!

This event is for Taro members to meet up in person, hang out, and share advice. We'll be doing some Grit Boxing followed by margaritas. The schedule is:

  • 7:15PM - Meet up to check into the class
  • 7:30PM - Grit Boxing class starts
  • 8:30PM - Grit Boxing class ends
  • 9:00PM - Margaritas!

Here's the link for the class: https://app.gritbxng.com/book/1/6764

The total cost of the event is $39. $10 will be reimbursed to each person by Taro.

During the event, we'll take a picture of all of us and share it in the Taro Premium Slack!

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Jai BhagatFullstack Software Engineer @ HashiCorp