Taro Seattle Summer Picnic

Taro Seattle Summer Picnic event
Event description

Tarodactlys of Seattle unite!
This gathering is for Taro members to connect in person, enjoy the Seattle vibes, and exchange career advice. We'll be having a mini picnic near Green Lake, sipping coffee, and maybe play some silly icebreakers to get to know each other. Taro will take care of the beverages, with a maximum coverage of $10 per person! Bring your own chair! And feel free to bring additional snacks and drinks, if you wish!

If the weather isn't very good, we'll congregate at one of the cafes near Green Lake instead. See you there!

Event organizers
Kuan Peng speaker
Kuan PengTech Lead @ Google
Xue Hua speaker
Xue HuaSoftware Engineer @ Tesla